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Dhaba Indian Kitchen - PSU in Portland OR

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Dhaba Indian Kitchen - PSU Details

Today's Hours

10:30AM - 9:30PM

Restaurant Hours

10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM
10:30AM - 9:30PM

Most Helpful Reviews

Reviewed by MB
I recently ordered the Butter Chicken, Garlic Naan, and Butter Naan for takeout and I couldn't be happier! The flavors were rich and delicious, and the naan was perfectly crispy and buttery. A truly satisfying meal that I can't wait to order again!
Reviewed by MK
I absolutely love this place :) my go to is usually the lamb tikka masala (comes with rice) with garlic naan!
Reviewed by TW
Amazing saag and naan!
Reviewed by KR
Thank you so much!
Reviewed by NN
I recently ordered takeout, and I must say, the Saag Paneer and Butter Naan were absolutely delightful! The creamy spinach curry was packed with flavor, and the warm, fluffy naan was the perfect accompaniment. A delicious meal that left me wanting more!